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Friday, 11 January 2013 at 21:48 | 0 Comment [s]

Assalamualaikum and hey-lo guys. It's been a long time since I've updated. Gladly, I'm sharing something today. It's about my homework. This whole week was super delirious! I never thought being a form 1 student is that easy. But, teachers has their own reason right? And I think it's for our own good. You know, I met lots of new friends. And they are really nice :) But a few of them are disaster. You don't wanna know about it!

Actually, I have a lot of books waiting for me to get my ink on it. But I have to calm myself down first so that I can focus while doing the homework. The weather today is nice but ngehh! Feels so bad --' Oh yeah, I'm afraid of losing my old friends. But what the hell? I'm gonna let it happen. That's why most of friends are hard to know me.

As you know that I joined the "MERENTAS DESA" competition. But, I'm scared I can't do the best I can be. Huh. next week is the last week for me my friends to practice. Okay, stop talking about that nonsense. Now, I'm gonna tell you about my brand new friends I met at my new school!

First, Amelia Pearl. I know, she has a nice name. Actually I'm jealous. Uhu, forget about it. Most of my classmates call her Pearl. At first, I thought people call her Amelia but I was wrong. She's pretty, she's cute and she's fair! Ehehe, I want to be her friend but she has her own gang. Pearl and me are classmates and she is our class monitor!

Second, Awang Muhammad Naim Zahran. Wohh, what a long name! He is Bruneian. That's why he has a long name. Naim is clever and he is one of my top competitor in the class besides Khelvy and Azura. He is Pearl's assistant or should I say Class Monitor's Assistant? Well, whatever. You know what, kinda shy to talk with him. -LONG FACE-

Third, Nur Shufina. She's nice. She sits beside me. You know what, you can know someone by looking at their things. And I guess Shufina likes pink cause most of her things are pink. LOL, yesterday I bring her to my  old school. She followed me. 

Forth, Zaidi. Actually, Ziadi isn't my classmate. He is in Cekal and I'm in Harmoni. He is stubborn and he will do anything only if I pay him. LOL, he's fun to talk with even though he's quite crazy. And the only reason why I like to talk to him is 'cause he is FUNNY! Same like Izzat.

Okay, I guess this is it! I'm tired --' So ahh, Assalamualaikum and bye'bye !!

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