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Saturday, 5 January 2013 at 21:02 | 0 Comment [s]

Assalamualaikum, hello, mosyi'mosyi, namaste and bonjour! It's been a long time since I've updated in ENGLISH version. Well, sometimes I act like Santana Lopez 'cause we have a lot similarity. One of them; INSULTING PEOPLE --' Ngeh, why? Okay, let me explain. I tried to be nice with people. But, there's something stopped me for keep doing it.

"I want to say sorry to ALVIN cause when we were in year six, you tried to talking to me but I ignored you. And I'm sorry cause you have no talent, and if I was you I will take a stick and stab one of those boobs. And I want to make your fat as my candle in 8 magical Hannukah night :)"

See? Those are a little words from my heart for ALVIN --' Even though it's bad but, I bet each one of you don't understand what I tried to explain. Never mind, this is me and I don't have to change my characteristics :) I have another insults collection. Wanna read it? Then read below;

"Hey Fitri! You're they fattest guy that I ever met. And those are the lamest thing I didn't understand :) And when you're dance it's like you've asleep for a year and someone just woke you up!"

Deep from my heart though :) Okay, I like to rip people's heart cause sometimes it's fun. But, I don't understand WHY I like to doing it cause it's not right! But my hearts says "It's okay". Erghh, sometimes I don't understand myself much. Isn't it weird? Hey, my last insults collection;

"Welcome back Crystal :) I thought you wouldn't come back since your family putted their things in your big and bitchy mouth. And I though you've quit from polishing baby's head using you big mouth and their mother said THANK YOU :)"

It's great right? Wohoho, if one of you are hater just get the hell out of my blog :) Sincerely from AUNTIE WENDY from BITCH TOWN EXPRESS :)

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