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Friday, 27 September 2013 at 05:11 | 0 Comment [s]

Hey! Assalamualaikum guys :) It's been a superb long time since I've updated. I have a lot of story to tell you it would take a whole week to type. Ngehh, so ahh. I've improved my English a little bit. Well, I can't always update like I've use to but ahh, life must go on. I'm ZERO! Erghh, for the last year examination, I'm not getting ready yet. Life's too short. But whatever. Bullcrap! Ahaha, don't mind the language. I'm still FORM 1 :)

Kay, life as a student is not that easy. Erghh, I'm tired of being pushed away. This whole year thought me to be BAD person instead of being a good person. But mmm, luckily, I can still control my attitude though.

Lots of friends, but lots of haters too. It's easy kay. But whatever. They have their own opinion, and I have mine. It's not their fault to hate me but, I think I gotta change this attitude a little bit. Lols!!

I'm getting used of being pushed away, being called stupid or lame, but.. I can't force them to close their fucking mouth. It's just that, I've been like that too -.- But, what's matter is ----- My afford to be the best. I mean in class but, u know what, I still can't beat Khelvy, he's just too CLEVER! Ohoho, stupidness :)

So ahh, this is the end of everything. See u... Tomorrow? Maybe..... Well, Assalamualaikum and don't mind that harsh language cause no one's perfect :)

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