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Gay lesb all movies?
Monday, 30 September 2013 at 03:54 | 0 Comment [s]


Assalamualaikum and hello there readers :) Just got back from le' school. Ehhh, so tired wohh, but it's my job as a PRS to connect with people. So, the topic for today is  Gay Lesb All? Actually it is the short term for Gay Lesbian All. Just to make more interesting. Hmm, have you watched  gay or lesbian movies? Hmm, I know it is inappropriate but it's cool. But I'm not that kind of person kay. I'm normal -w-

Let me suggest you a movie. "Yes or No". Just search anywhere. I'm sure you'll find it. I'm not actually TELLING you to watch it but I'm SUGGESTING. Even though it might hurt some of you feeling but please, don't mind me kay :)

Okay, maybe some of you might think I'm crazy because I'm writing this inappropriate thing but I'm getting older and all of these times nothing stopped from discovered that Gay Lesbian thing Lol bla bla. Ahaa, but trust me, I"M NORMAL!!!
-This is the movie I've been talking about. But the poster above is for Yes or No 2. 

Emm, I'm waiting for the third series. My God! This is awesome. Warning, I'm NORMAL. Everyone have interest right? Well, some of like Mickey Mouse but I don't. No offensive please :) Btw, Malaysia is a peaceful country !

Hmm, what else? I guest nothing more. So, Assalamualaikum and byebye :)

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